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Friday, February 25, 2011

Best support that you can get for Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010

Hello, my name is Jenifer and I am in the penultimate year of my school life. In the last few years, our education system has undergone drastic changes and now the focus is no longer on academic scores only. Our teachers make it a point that we develop good oral skills, work on different projects, form the ability to meet deadlines etc. As a result, we are given a lot of projects.

I consider myself a perfectionist. Whenever I am given any project, I try to do it as nicely as possible. I spend a lot of time on it and as a result, I have always been getting good points and feedbacks from my teachers. However, after a while, working on a project started to become cumbersome and time-consuming. I had almost started to lose interest in my weekly assignments when I came across Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 version on the Internet. Its remarkable features really swept me off my feet.

Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 has some amazing features. In fact, it has everything that is needed to complete school projects efficiently. Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 is provided with Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint with ready-to-use templates that help students be as creative as possible while working on their projects. The visual effects and media editing features serve the same purpose. You just need to try Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 and you won’t imagine how attractive your project can be. Then you have the spread sheet tools that make your work less complicated when there is too much of data.

Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 has really proved to be a boon for me. After it came into my life, my life was never the same again. However, like any other application, Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 too has its system requirements. If these requirements are not fulfilled, the application might not function properly. When it comes to the system requirements for Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 in terms of the operating system, there is more than option. You need Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 as your operating system. If you have one of these, installing Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 would not be a problem.

You can easily avail online tech support for installing Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 from various companies and get the work done without any issues.



Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Great support for HP computer helped in my college days

I have just joined college. It is perhaps the most exciting time in my life. After the rigid discipline of school life, college is a period of living it up, before the dreary process of finding a job begins. I enrolled in the arts stream as a student of English literature.

I had just bought a desktop computer for home use. Never computer savvy, I had a tough time getting used to the various applications. I was rather jealous of my younger sister who was an expert with computers and operated the system like a professional. One day I was working on an important assignment when a unique problem cropped up. All of a sudden, I found that I was unable to use the desktop icons. The desktop icons refused to highlight when I moved my mouse over them. I was taken aback and after fiddling around with the system, I called up my sister, but even after trying out her troubleshooting tips, the problem remained as stubborn as ever. I was desperate to get my HP computer going again but had no idea how to proceed.

I rummaged around in my drawer and extracted my diary which had the number of a tech support firm for HP computer which claimed it resolve almost any issue in all makes of computers. Soon I was talking to a technical support lady. She patiently listened to my problem and asked me to restart my HP desktop computer. Then she guided me carefully through the complex procedure of troubleshooting the issue at hand. Within about 20 minutes, I was once again asked to restart my HP desktop computer. This time, to my unbridled joy, I found my system working perfectly. I thanked the technical support girl for helping me out with my problem and providing great tech support for HP desktop computer.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Grateful to the remote tech support for Acer

I’m Elisa. I always dreamt of becoming a fashion designer, therefore when I finally became one, I showed no negligence towards my work. I love designing clothes and organizing my shows in various places. However, my job demands me to keep on travelling for most of the time. Therefore, I’m required to carry a laptop along with me every time. Thus, I tend to store all my work and plan in the laptop itself. For this reason, I bought a new Acer laptop few months back that was light enough to carry it easily. It was giving appreciable results. I was satisfied with the purchase.

Since my work requires lot of research, therefore, I have to download the latest software that is relevant to my field. However, I simultaneously keep a track that I don’t overload the laptop’s memory with much downloads, thus I keep on removing the unused software. All this way when I was carrying out my work, I fail to realize that the decreasing pace of my laptop, until the day it took several minutes to open the sites. In order to enhance the speed, I deleted all the temp files, unused icons, cleared the desktop and memory too. However, the laptop kept on prompting the memory to be low. I ran to the nearest counter that provided support for Acer products. They analyzed my laptop and told that it was a severe virus attack. They asked me to deposit the laptop for few days. I was at a jinx because I had to submit my designs on an urgent basis. When I told my problem to the operator of the center that provided support for the Acer products, she guided me about their online tech support given by various online tech support company. I quickly collected one of such company’s numbers from the operator and called the company.

I narrated my entire problem to the tech support technician of the online tech support company. The technician told me that the viruses came from the software that I keep on downloading. These viruses were good at multiplying themselves, therefore had occupied enough memory of the laptop. The technician before guiding me the through the problem, briefed me about the support for Acer computer offered by them, only to assure me that I was at the safe hands. He first helped in installing the antivirus, and then guided me to remove the viruses. He further explained me the need to update the antivirus on a regular basis and then briefed me about the steps to be followed while updating the antivirus. The entire hassle got over within few minutes. Thanks to their remote access system that helps many consumers like me to get an instant help at the time of need.



Thursday, February 17, 2011

Proper Assistance for HP wireless printer problems

I always stay occupied with my homework and project work. I enjoy doing such things as they require me to conduct a lot of research. This research helps to enhance my knowledge in the field and the topic. Sometimes, I’m also required to get the hard copy of the reports that I prepare after conducting the research. For the same purpose, I recently bought a HP wireless printer. I selected the wireless options since I wanted to avoid hassle caused by the bundle of wires that lay dormant behind my computer table. These wires stay collected and accumulate lots of dust within them. Therefore, a HP wireless printer would help me to reduce the bundle but would also me place the printer much away from the computer.

After the purchase, I soon connected the printer with my computer. I made sure that I had installed the driver properly. I followed step instructed by the computer expert very carefully just to make sure that no problem was created during the operation. As soon as I set the printer for the test print out, the printer didn’t respond. I tried the process several times, however found no results. Then, I decided to connect the printer using the USB mode to check if the printer was okay in its functioning. The printer was responding to the command when connected through USB. This made me quite tensed as I was clueless what to do. I continued working by connecting the printer with the USB for several days until one day when my friend suggested me to contact to one of the online tech support companies, where her brother is an employee. She said the company would be able to provide tech support for HP wireless printer.

I hurriedly called the company. After calling the company I came to know that the company was providing solutions to every kind of computer related problems. I was soon handed over to the technician who was responsible to deal with problems related HP wireless printer. The technician told me that the problem arose due to some wrong settings. The technician helped me to reset the entire system. He then asked me to add the printer on the wireless networking with the help of the disc provided by the printer. I was supposed to select the device first and then select the network. However, this step did not connect the printer on with network. Therefore, he then asked me to click on the next button. Once the printer was detected on the network, he asked me remove the USB cable of the printer. I was now told to give a test print. The printer was now working on the wireless mode. My HP wireless printer problem was solved within few minutes. With the help of the remote access system via Internet, I was able to a proper assistance that helped me to solve my issue.



Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I owe it all to you for providing great support for Acer laptop!

I am Anaida. I am an academician working with an institute of higher excellence. Till yesterday, I didn’t know much about the intricacies of problems related with my Acer laptop software, hardware, drivers etc. But now, I know much about how should I repair my laptop, whom and where should I approach for any help etc like any other tech savvy person. I remember how embarrassed I was, two years back, when I was unable to fix issues with my Acer laptop.

I was to give PPT presentation to the students and faculty members on a career fair being organized by our institute. I used to take the help of my Acer laptop only for preparing study material and storing some important official documents in it. Other than that I was hardly making any use of it, let alone keeping any knowledge about upgrading drivers and software in it. I started making slides for presentation on career fair. Just a day before presentation, I inserted my CD into the drive to check if all the information is incorporated in my presentation.

For seconds, I was in a state of shock after learning that my presentation slides could not open and some error messages started appearing one after another. Also, my Acer laptop was not accepting any command given by me. I was unable to understand the issues with my laptop. I called up one of my good friends, Dr Shillon, who had some knowledge about the software and hardware functions of computers and laptops. She rushed to my rescue and checked my Acer laptop for almost one hour and finally discovered that there were some issues with the drivers in my Acer laptop. But, she didn’t know how to fix those problems. At last, she visited the tech support site for Acer laptops on the Internet which she was accessing from her laptop. In the meantime, she got a call for an urgent casualty case. She left for the hospital immediately. I started surfing the support site for Acer and chatted with a tech expert guy. He made me understand that since my laptop driver was not upgraded, I was facing challenges regarding CD reading and writing. He directed me through driver upgradation process. I was then able to complete my remaining presentation work. Career fair was a hit as I was able to attract a large crowd through my convincing and detailed presentation. And all this credit goes to that tech support for Acer laptop who was really a godsend gift for me.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

I have stopped worrying about problems in my HP laptop. Literally!!

I am a John, an ice hockey player. I have been playing hockey for the Northern Arizona team for the past two years. I was introduced into this beautiful game at a tender age as my parents are big fan of ice hockey. However, my parents are from entirely different professions. My mom, who is now a housewife, used to be a gymnast in her youth and had even won a number of medals. My father was a professional boxer once, but now he is retired from this demanding profession and owns a bar.

Being a hockey player, I get to travel a lot which I find very interesting and educative. The only concern that I have is that my HP laptop should be in proper health. A few years back I used to have customary checkups of the laptop frequently so that I don’t end up carrying a malfunctioning system. But, there were a couple of incidents when the system betrayed me and as I was in the midst of a tournament, couldn’t afford to go looking for repair specialists. In fact, when the tournament is on, I hardly have time to breath!

One day Ted, my playmate at the club, suggested me to try availing the services of a remote tech support company for HP laptop. When following his advice, I called these guys. The call was picked by a well-trained professional and it took him only a few moments to grasp what I was looking for.Support for HP laptop is what I was looking for and that too remotely and on a real-time basis. I wanted them to be available anytime I had a problem and also to posses the necessary expertise and resources needed to help me out. The support team exceeded my expectations; they had specialists to deal with HP products exclusively! It was a nice surprise for me as I knew that each brand is different and requires different handling.

Once I was satisfied with my examination of support services for HP, I availed their services. And oh! What a real partnership it has turned out to be? I now don’t bother about getting issues with my laptop, as I know I have instant help at hand.



Microsoft Communicator 2010 Came As a Savior

During the last 5 years I have grown from the grass root to a magnificent showcase of management, administration and an organized workflow in my office. My firm also boosts technological advancements, with a well knit communication among the staff members. There has so far never been any problem on the technical ground till recently when the office communicator just stopped working, disrupting the smooth working. Lack of inter-staff communication created a fatal mess in the working of the different departments in my office. The fast and secure communication along with the feature of multiple user access, sharing of desktop and documents were all at stake, hampering the work. And being the boss, the situation just got on to my nerves. I was perplexed and ardently sought for technical support.

At this juncture one of my associate gave me a toll free helpline number of an extremely reliable tech support firm, which he always referred to in case of any sort of technical assistance. I immediately called and in no time got connected to the tech support expert named Anthony. With his polite and confident gestures, Anthony went on asking me the details about the working of our Microsoft Communicator 2010. To be able to understand the problem, he asked me several questions. It took him not much time to understand where the fault was. Wasting not a single moment, he started troubleshooting the problem with the interconnected Microsoft Communicator 2010.

Thanks to Anthony, the issue got resolved within a few hours and the Microsoft Office Communicator 2010 started working as smooth as ever, brining the work back to the normal flow. I am so immensely satisfied with Anthony and his tech firms service that I have taken a pledge of referring to this particular tech support organization all the time I face any technical problem from now onwards.